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The Citizen's Coalition Online

Welcome to the Citizen's Coalition

We're glad you're here. This site was originally set up by the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce. The numbers here reflect that fact and the Coalition is essentially not active [holding meetings] at this time, due to the issues facing the town and the maligning of the Citizens Coalition that has occurred since. "The disruption of government" cited by others in Quartzsite as the  purpose of the Citizens' Coalition was absolutely never the purpose of this organization, nor did anyone from this organization ever participate in any event that involved the disruption of government.

The numbers are now forwarded back to those that set up the site from the Quartzsite Chamber of Commerce. Those that ran the original Chamber of Commerce agreed to continue keeping phone numbers and other services underway until the town's situation improves. Those numbers are included here for anyone wanting information about Quartzsite. They no longer lead to representatives of the Citizen's Coalition, although if you want to speak with those involved you might try contacting Jennifer Jones website at QUARTZSITEARIZONA.BLOGSPOT.COM or QUARTZSITEMINESHAFT.COM to speak with Ed Foster, both Citizens Coalition members during the time it was active.

Those that are interested in the Citizen's Coalition are welcome to peruse the site for information about the organization that existed, or to  check back for information on whether or not any groups are currently meeting.

At this time, there are none - for obvious reasons.

We are working to build a strong Citizen's Coalition: a liaison to the community, the businesses and the governmental agencies that are Quartzsite -- both the town itself and the region in which it exists.

This organization seeks to serve by aligning itself and others with organizations [both local and beyond] that can educate, inform and assist others with their needs, concerns and issues as citizens.

Thus, the ultimate purpose of this organization is to assist in the facilitation of communications: to provide information and improve accessibility between people and entities with the purpose of striving for a better future.

To those ends, 'We the People' have formed this organization.

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Your Voice Is Welcome Here

You need not publicly identify yourself to use this forum to get your ideas, your thoughts into the public forum.

We allow those interested in participating to utilize a 6 digit PIN number [of their own choosing if they prefer] to use this site for publicizing their concerns. To get an assigned PIN number -- or to choose your own -- send an e-mail to

[Click HERE to send mail now.]

Be sure and stipulate when communicating whether or not your comments are intended for posting. If it is not clearly communicated that you want your words publicized, we will not do so.

In all cases, your name will not be used unless you call in advance of your post and specifically advise that you want to be quoted.

We welcome Community and Public Service Announcements.

Coalition Committees

A strong community spirit is what drives a strong community. When people are working together towards a greater good. With this singular objective, there is no place for indulgence in activities that will only divide the core group, rendering it less effective. In effective communities, this is always the goal: growth, success, economic security, opportunities for all.

The committees that form the Citizen's Coalition are what make the organization strong.

Among them, you will find entities that consist of persons interested in the same issues and agendas that concentrate on those areas also of concern to you.

We're making this site as easy to navigate as possible, intentionally designing it to meet the ADA recommendations for access for all persons. Contact the Citizens Coalition if you have difficulty navigating this site or finding people to direct you in your search. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Citizen's Coalition is only as great as those people that it represents. 

We strive to make certain you will find this organization accessible, capable and informational, a trusted source for straightforward and accurate information, a catalyst for unity and growth.

The committees listed below are offered as a template for those areas in which volunteers are needed. Please contact us for further information or input for committees.

Your concerns are our concerns. Welcome to the Citizen's Coalition.

Coalition Committees Currently Underway or Now Forming:

1.  Video the Vote
2.  Vote Watchers
3.  Petition Circulators
4.  FOIA Investigators
5.  Forensics Investigators
6.  Citizen Journalists
7.  Committee for Paper Ballots
8.  Coalition Volunteers
9.  Webmasters
10. Videographers/Photographers

11. Committee for Observation of Codes of Conduct for Elected Officials
12. Ethics Committee for Observation of an Ethics Code
13. Committee for FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] Education
14. Noise Ordinance Observation & Communication Committee
15. Animal Safety - Animal Welfare Committee

The Citizen's Coalition is under the leadership of no single person. It is a 'gathering place' for the airing of ideas and concerns, information and material of interest to the group. Since participants determine the focus of the group, the changing face of the coalition makes it interesting on an ongoing basis, and educational for all.

If you have a specific concern that you want to bring to the coalition for consideration, send an e-mail to and request an opportunity to present it yourself or establish telephone contact so you can explain how you would like a third party to present the matter.

You need not identify yourself in order to bring an issue to the group for consideration. We understand the 'retaliation factor' so prominent in area politics. E-mail the Coalition for further information.11

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